24 Feb 2018 
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 I received an "Invalid Username / Password" message.
 This article references the ECT v2 Windows client. An invalid username/password message is a generic error message indicating something went wrong during the login process. Although mistyping the username or password is the most common reason for rece
 I received a message " User data did not upload "
 Occasionally connectivity issues will prevent your completed test data from uploaded to our server. Don't worry-- your data has not been lost! The ECT software can check if existing user data has not been uploaded when you log in, and will try the uploa
 I cannot take the vocabulary pretest
 If you are unable to take the vocabulary pretest located at http://ect.esltall.com/vocabtest/info-vocabTest/index.php, a PDF version can be downloaded from the downloads section of this site.
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