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 I received an "Invalid Username / Password" message.
Article This article references the ECT v2 Windows client.

An invalid username/password message is a generic error message indicating something went wrong during the login process. Although mistyping the username or password is the most common reason for receiving this error, there are other connectivity problems that could be the cause.

1. Is the username / password entered correctly? Usernames and passwords are case sensitive and must be entered exactly.

2. Are the configuration files correct?

a. Open the file C:\Program Files\English Certification Test\resource\conf\tall.properties in a text editor.
b. Ensure OCSServerAddress is set to www.esltall.com
c. Ensure UpdaterServerURL is set to http://www.esltall.com/packages

3. Are the necessary ports open?

a. Click Start->Run..., and type 'cmd'. It should open a command terminal.
b. Type 'telnet www.esltall.com 40602'
c. If the terminal window goes black, then this port is open.
d. Now check port 8888 by opening the page: http://www.esltall.com:8888/ect/login.jsp in a web browser. (If you've recently gone to the ECT download page on this computer, you can skip this step as it runs on port 8888.)

4. Are file permissions okay?

a. Try renaming one of the folders in C:\Program Files\English Certification Test (right click on the folder and select rename).
b. If you can rename the folder then file permissions are configured correctly. Remember to change the name back.

5. Is the database corrupt?

a. Rename C:\Program Files\English Certification Test\resource\db to db-old
b. Rename C:\Program Files\English Certification Test\resource\updatelists\db.lst to db.lst.old
c. Launch the ECT, a new database will be downloaded (it may take a few minutes).
d. Try logging in again.

6. If you are able to complete the above steps and are still unable to connect, you should inspect the Windows Firewall.

a. Ensure there is an exception for the program: "C:\program files\english certification test\jre\bin\javaw.exe"
b. As a temporary fix, to rule out the Firewall, you can try disabling it with the following steps:
1. Uninstall the ECT software.
2. Press Start->Control Panel->Windows Firewall.
3. On the "General" tab, select "Off", and click OK.
4. Try logging in.

If none of these prove to be the problem, open a new ticket and attach the file C:\Program Files\English Certification Test\log4j.log to it.

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